Willkommen in

 our family!

A place for dreamers

Even if we are a VA (Virtual Assistant) agency, it is not a place for VA’s. Here we are dreamers. It can be a simple stop on your way to the destination, like a stepping stone, that's ok, just look in. For those who dare to dream, there is always room here. Share a moment with us, whether short or long, both are welcome. Thanks throughboard your application. Just be you. Let's find out together what you can do. Let us make people happy and above all: let us laugh together!

Meet the team

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Not a ‘work’ place

Our team adapts to work, but also to your needs. We learn from each other, we change, are also uncertain, we support each other. It is not just a workplace, it is a place where you can “be”. Being connected and yet have freedom. Being independent and still being supported. To be on your own journey and yet be with others. A new way of working. Want to be there?

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