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How we work

We are a team of listeners. We are happy people and we share this joy with you and your customers. We come from all walks of life. Some of us have children and pets, like to travel, decorate or garden, be fit and healthy. Everyone has a different experience to offer. So it is easy for us to relate to the people who buy your products.

In this digital world where people are shopping without leaving their house- when they contact customer service, it is still a form of ‘human’ contact. Our customer support is like being with a friend on a park bench and taking their hand. “Hey, what do you need? How can I help” Our intention is to pick up where the customer felt unhappy and leave them with the feeling of being heard & having received the solution.

In a nutshell, we make your customers happy. We make them talk about your products. And they bring new clients to you. We don’t see our job as simply to answer questions, but really we are here to grow your reputation and brand. We turn unhappy customers into ambassadors for your brand. This is what we are great at.

Our Partnership

We know your company is just like your house to you. The reputation of your products and experience of your customers is your brand- the foundation of that building. When sales increase, the more enquiries there are to attend to. We meet growing companies at this threshold so we can hold that foundation steady and set you free to grow the business sustainably. We understand the seasonal nature of e-commerce and our partnership can be as little or a lot as needed. We are not here to do one thing, one way forever. Some companies continue to add new floors to the building, and we are experts at adapting the scaffolding at every stage. Some we have helped grow and the business is later sold. Our journeys are like seasons and we embrace it, we ride the waves with you. Everything is handled for you when we work together. What’s more, we become a family. We love getting to know you, laugh with you. Of course, we talk business but even more, we love to share some moments of life together.


After our lovely correspondence over the past few days, I would not like to miss to inform you that today "the tree" was waiting for me in my office! Now it is in my boot waiting to be unpacked, put up and decorated. I would like to thank you again for your very kind emails and hope that DHL will now get everything under control. I wish you and your company that all customers are patient and understanding, because you do a really good, reliable job! I wish you and your team a happy, stress-free Christmas and a few relaxing days - you deserve them!

I would like to thank you for your accommodating attitude. My reaction was really based on the fact that my family relied on this delivery and there were indeed problems because of it. I felt taken for a ride and reacted pissed off. Sorry about that. Your product is good and of course we will use up the masks. Thanks again for being so accommodating. You showed fairness and now I don't want to follow suit. As you can see from the attachment, I have donated the full purchase amount to SOS Children's Villages. At that time I assumed that it was "obtained" by REAL. Now I can recommend BEMS and REAL as good partners with a clear conscience. I hope that you like this gesture.

Unfortunately, the bed linen arrived with us with small weaving defects. After a short inquiry, we immediately received a new bed linen and were even allowed to keep the faulty bed linen in order to donate it. Great service!

The backpack is very nice and functional. Since I had questions about the delivery, I got in touch. A quick and uncomplicated solution was found for my problem. Really great service!

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